Llama Linda

name Linda Hayes has been raising llamas for over 20 years. She discovered that llama manure was a great fertilizer when the local garden clubs started asking to remove it for her. She now has so many taking advantage of her offer to shovel for free that she has to turn people away.

She has a large listing of ranches thorough out the country that are glad to share their pellets. She is happy to provide this to anyone asking.

She also sells it in packages from her website. www.llamanure.com. Learn more there or call 970 379 4576.

Useing llama manure in your garden

06th April 2011
Most gardeners don't realize that llama manure makes a great plant food. It won't burn the plants, attract flies or smell. Llamas and alpacas are still fairly rare in North America so most gardeners have not been aware of what a great all natural addition... Read >